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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lydia's Norfolk Terrier Page

Hi, I'm Lydia.  My folks specialize in Welsh Terriers but I've fallen love with the Norfolk Terrier.  Call me a rebel, but when I saw my dad grooming and my mom showing one of these critters, I was hooked.  And cute? You wouldn't believe!  

My folks have allowed me to breed a limited number of puppies from AKC Champion Stock. (Both mom and dad Norfolk have those fancy/smanchy Champion papers and ribbons that all the adults are so agog about!!) Now I have the opportunity to be what dad calls a "sole-proprieter entrepreneur" and sell these little guys.  Naturally, I only want them to go the best of homes.  

Perhaps one of my little guys would be a good addition to your family. If so, please give us a call.


Why should you consider a Norfolk Terrier?
  • Their temperament is defined in the offical standard of the Norfolk Terrier Club as alert, gregarious, fearless, and loyal.
  • They are a family dog, whether you live in an apartment or on a gentleman's farm.
  • They are the perfect child's companion when properly socialized.  
  • They can alert you when necessary but are not known to be "yappers." 
  • One of the smallest working terriers, with good substance and bone, they top out at 12 pounds.
  • Their coat is hard and wiry so they tend to collect no dirt and require minimal grooming. 
    • We would love to assist you in making your next puppy purchase decision!  Please feel free to call us at 517.688.3059.

      Allison, and Lydia Sunderman 


    Dad of my puppies is: Champion Max-well's Viper

    Mom of my puppies is: Champion Kilwinning Cream Cracker